Greetings from the GenSoc 2021-22 committee! We can’t wait for you to join us!

President – Joshua Williams

Hi all, great to meet you! I am fortunate to have been elected the President of GenSoc this year! I am a final-year computational biologist, with a particular focus on plant and crop science. People like to ask me for help with computer stuff so if that’s you, go ahead! As a hobby, I enjoy looking after my polytunnel and reading sci-fi.

It’s great to have such a fantastic committee this year and I look forward to working alongside them to grow GenSoc and deliver quality experiences to our members.

Treasurer – Matt Graffin

Hey everyone! My name is Matt, and I am entering the final year of my history degree. Outside of my degree, and society work, I have various hobbies, such a cycling and reading. I look forward to working with the rest of the committee to establish our relatively new society, and developing new revenue streams to allow for fun and exciting events. Despite the circumstances we find ourselves in, we will do all we can to ensure that the society remains interactive, educational and most important of all, sociable.

Events Officer – Nishita de Silva

Hi, I’m Nishita and I’m a third year Pharmacology student. My interest in genetics lies in pharmacogenomics, precision medicine and gene therapy for rare diseases and neurological disorders. As your Events Officer this year, I hope to bring you some great events that cover the wide-ranging applications of genetics across many different fields. Please feel free to suggest events you would like and I’ll try my best to make them happen!

Education Officer – Leina Price

Hi guys and gals, I’m Leina and I will be acting as the Genetics Education Officer for the next year.

I study Biological Sciences, although I am interested in specialising in Zoology – particularly in relation to genetics and evolution. I am very much looking forward to keeping everyone up to date and excited about all things genetics! And feel free to come to me with any questions of course 🙂

Outreach Officer – Yanna Pusica

Design Officer – N/A

Associate Officer – Abdur Rahmaan Azeez

Associate Officer – Ichika Aradono

Associate Officer – N/A

Vice-President – Nishika Jain

Hi everyone! I’m Nishika and I’m ecstatic to be your Vice President this year. I’m a third year Genetics student from India. I am fascinated with the power of genetics research in revolutionising early diagnosis and targeted treatments, and at the same time I’m also very interested in the financial aspect of the health-care sector. As your Vice President, I hope to actively engage with other societies and academic partners with the aim of establishing and strengthening professional connections. I look forward to meeting you all very soon and in the meantime am happy to be contacted to answer any questions that you may have. Let’s all come together and celebrate UCL’s impeccable genetic research output 🧬

Welfare Officer – Sally Cai

Hello everyone! My name is Sally Cai and I am currently studying Pharmacology at UCL. I am glad to become the Welfare Officer this year. My academic interest is in dermatology, especially alopecia as there is a growing concern about hair loss. In my spare time, I like to practice karate and go hiking. Hope we can meet each other very soon and don’t forget to register online for our membership!

Managing Editor – Connan Rodwell

Hi, I’m Connan Rodwell and will be the Managing Editor of Genetics Society 2021/22. As an MSci Biological Sciences student specialising in genetics, my primary academic interests include developmental epigenetics, data use and ethics of genetics products, as-well as policy and industrial applications as technological power for genetic manipulation surges.

As Managing Editor I hope to develop the literary output of Genetics Society through the newsletter, whilst helping curate and edit the other streams the society publishes through. I look forward to driving this society forward, delivering high quality and engaging content.

Head of the Journal Club – Tracy Zhao

Hi, I’m YUHAN and prefer to be called Tracy. I’m an ongoing second year student studying Biochemistry. As for my special interests, I really love computational biology and the development of detection chips for genetic diseases. Apart from that, I enjoy travelling and hiking and often consider myself an ‘adventurer’ of some kind. Nice to meet you all!

Social Media Officer – Victoria Raunio

Collaborations Officer – Lilya Matsumoto

Associate Officer – Esther Cheung

Associate Officer – Kiharu Webb