Greetings from the GenSoc 2022-23 committee! We can’t wait for you to join us!

President – Rudy Utzschneider

Hello hello!! My name is Rudy and I am the newly elected president of the Genetics Society!! I am a third year BSc Applied Medical Sciences student with an appreciation for clinical pathology and the biotechnology industry. Outside of GenSoc I am Treasurer of the UCL Lacrosse Club and enjoy ski racing and sailing. As an international student, I enjoy traveling and learning about other cultures; something that has contributed to my goal for a GenSoc trip abroad. Most importantly, I am looking forward to working with the amazing committee. We have already planned to make all sorts of events, trips, and speakers accessible to the UCL community and can’t wait to begin! Here’s for the year to come!! 

Please don’t hesitate to contact me should you ever have any questions, ideas, or concerns. 🙂

Treasurer – Ichika Aradono

Hello, my name is Ichika, and I am in my second year studying BSc Cancer Biomedicine. My academic interest lies in oncology, specifically about cancer immunotherapy as well as the genetics of cancer. I had been working as the Associate Officer last year, and I am excited to take over my role as Treasurer this year! I hope to increase the current minimal budget and plan exciting socials/talks that would encourage anyone who is interested in genetics to gather and share ideas. Outside of the Genetics society, I like to play the piano and to have a nice walk with my Japanese Shiba dog. Looking forward to meeting you all soon!

Events Officer – Lilya Matsumoto

Hello! My name is Lilya and I am in my third year studying Biological Sciences, specializing in Human Genetics. The field of genetics fascinates me, especially the advancements in genome editing technology and its future implications. Working as one of the Events Officer, I will be organizing exciting social, academic and networking events, hopefully in collaboration with other like-minded societies within and beyond UCL! When I’m not thinking about genetics, I like to ski, travel and drive. I look forward to working with the Genetics Society for my second time and make it a memorable year.

Outreach Officer – Kavya Subramanian

Hey everyone, I’m Kavya, a 2nd year Cell Biology student and I’m particularly interested in Molecular Genetics, Epigenetics and Cancer research! As your Outreach Officer, I’ll be liaising between the society and potential speakers, organisations and academic partners, so feel free to let me know if anyone/anything in the genetics sphere catches your eye. Additionally, I hope to be among the first points of contact for the society’s members to ensure an open line of communication at all times. I’m the happiest when I’m exploring new things so I’ve made it my mission to create new experiences during my time at UCL. I’ve always loved singing, dancing, debating, nerding out over just about anything, and all things food. While I’m looking forward to exploring my new found interests in bouldering and the biotech space, I’m just as excited to meet all the new and old faces at Genetics Society!

Associate Officer – Nirvan Marathe

Hi all, I’m Nirvan and I’m excited to be the Associate Officer for this amazing Genetics Society committee in the upcoming year! I’m an incoming Biological Sciences (Human Genetics) 2nd year and my role consists of assisting all other committee members where necessary! Aside from my inherent interest in the world of Genetics, I can be found travelling, cooking or editing articles for Kinesis Magazine (go check it out if you haven’t!). I look forward to celebrating the world of genetics with likeminded people in the coming months 😁.

Associate Officer – Evelyn L Nguyen

Hello! My name is Evelyn and I am an Associate Member of the Genetics Society. I am in my second year of Biological Sciences BSc, specializing in cell biology. My admiration for genetics started when I heard about CRISPR-Cas9 technology; I am fascinated by the tool’s flexibility and future potential.

Vice President – Tracy Zhao

Hi all! I’m Tracy and happy to be the Vice President of UCL Genetics society this year. I’m from China and in my final year in BSc Biochemistry. I always find the studying of genetics material very fascinating and I have particular interests in the gene regulatory network. I want to help our President making GenSoc a easily accessible platform for everyone to exchange ideas and calling more attention to this field.Nice to be in this warm and friendly community  and welcome all to join us and grow with the society 🙂

Head of the Journal Club – Esther Y Cheung

Hi everyone! I am Esther, a second year Biochemistry MSci student and an aspiring stem cell biologist intrigued in tumourigenesis, regeneration and longevity. Academic interests aside, I am a hobbyist violist, violinist, and fiction writer. As the Head of Journal Club, I will assist in reviewing presentations and advising presenters. If any of you are interested in presenting, would like to recommend a presenter, or would simply like somebody to help review your term essay, feel free to contact me! Collaborative journal clubs with other societies are always welcome. Looking forward to meeting you all and discussing everything about genetics!

Events Officer – Cindy Zhang

Hey everyone! My name’s Cindy, a second year Biological Science student excited to be working as your events officer this year. My interest in the field lies in the applications of bioinformatic tools in rDNA technology, especially in the detection of genes related to genetic disease and drug discovery and design. As your event officer I hope to bring a range of engaging events all about genetics that will help everyone to establish meaningful connections in the field. Looking forward to meeting everyone there!

Social Media Officer – Madhumila Killamsetty

Hi guys!! This is Madhumila, a second-year genetics student from India/Japan. Some of my interests include adrenaline-rush activities and movies.
As your social media manager, I look forward to making the society as interactive as possible and forming a bridge between you guys and the committee. So, feel free to reach out to me whenever with your ideas :)). I really look forward to working alongside our wonderful committee this year!

Associate Officer – Celeste E Cohen

Hi, I’m Celeste and I am a third-year Human Genetics MSci student, and I’m super excited to be one of GenSoc’s Associate Committee members this year! I can’t wait to learn more about different aspects of genetics and bring a social aspect to science – which is so important in the world of research.I’ve always been fascinated by all things genetics, and have recently developed an interest for the computational and experimental tools we use to study and annotate genomes. I look forward to supporting the society in creating a space where all members can share their interests, learn about new discoveries and meet like-minded people.