Euglenoids: the next big thing?

Nirvan Marathe The Euglena International Network (EIN) was an organisation set up as a worldwide collaboration with aims to propagate genetic research into Euglenoids. This constitutes a group of mainly freshwater protists, which possess a vast variety of characteristics which could be applied to biotechnological applications(1). However, the key word here is ‘could’, because at…

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The Ethics of Gene Editing

Evelyn L Nguyen During a typical rainy-gloomy London February week, I made my trip to the Francis Crick Institute for an exhibition concerning genome editing, and the shining star of the evening was CRISPR-Cas9. Created in 2012, CRISPR-Cas 9 has quickly made its way into becoming the trendiest, most prominent tool for “tweaking” genetics of…

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How is the Eurocentric Bias affecting Genetics?

 Celeste E Cohen Since the official completion of the Human Genome Project in 2003, hundreds of thousands of human genomes have been sequenced and studied around the world. In genetics, however, “around the world” has often meant majoritarily populations of European descent, interspersed with few and often excluded samples from other ethnicities and geographical areas.…

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Essay Competition Winner: Artificial Intelligence and its Pursuit of Predicting Gene Expression by Amith Hariharasudhan

DNA is the self-replicating molecule that consists of our genetic information. Sequences of DNA nucleotides compose genes, which encode the amino acid sequences forming proteins. There are approximately 20,000 genes in our body, determining many traits from our susceptibility to specific diseases to facial features and more. However, only 2% of the DNA in our…

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