Essay Competition Winner: Artificial Intelligence and its Pursuit of Predicting Gene Expression by Amith Hariharasudhan

DNA is the self-replicating molecule that consists of our genetic information. Sequences of DNA nucleotides compose genes, which encode the amino acid sequences forming proteins. There are approximately 20,000 genes in our body, determining many traits from our susceptibility to specific diseases to facial features and more. However, only 2% of the DNA in our…

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Epigenetics of Mental Health

Seeing that yesterday was World Mental Health Day, we are investigating the fascinating subject of how our genes affect our mental health to celebrate.  As when it comes to anything pertaining ones’ personality and behaviour, we all know that our genetics and environment play a hand-in-hand role. Certain gene variants increase the risk of developing…

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Your Genes and Asian Flush

Welcome Welcome to the Genetics Society blog, where I (Leina, hi!) will be posting a little article twice a month. I’ll be giving you the latest deets in the world of genetics, and we’ll learn about current and past research topics impacting our everyday life. In keeping with the freshers theme, for the first post I…

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Algal Photobioreactors

Microorganismal algae, perhaps most recognisable blooming on a stagnant lake, offers a great alternative to fossil fuels. Furthermore, selecting for growth traits in these plants gives the potential for ultrahigh biomass productivity, supporting a transition to a cleaner, sustainable energy source. I will discuss the most important features of algae for biofuel production here, as…

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