EVENT ANNOUNCEMENT! GenSoc is collaborating with the Biochemistry, Biopharma, Natural Sciences, Connect.ed and Neuroscience societies for a Zombie Run event this coming Friday 29th starting at 6:30PM. Everyone will meet at the Main Quad, before being placed in teams of 5. The teams will then race around UCL to find clues and win the event! But beware of the Zombies which will hunt down teams, eliminating them from the competition! Please purchase your ticket £2 ticket here https://ift.tt/3pzH12B and then register via the form here https://docs.google.com/…/1FAIpQLSflLgdLqUeWVyFxjb…/viewform Also please bring your lab coat! That way can distinguish between cool event-goers and boring civilians! We look forward to scaring you! Best wishes

from UCL Genetics Society – Posts | Facebook

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